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Spain football club is a trendy football club in the Fifa world cup. However, the Spanish football club is the best one in UEFA. The well-known soccer team in UEFA is Spain. This football team wins many football matches on the international level. One of the oldest teams in Europe is the Spanish football team.

Spain football team kits:

There are a considerable number of fans of the Spanish football team. So naturally, their fans want to customize their favorite team’s Spanish football club kits. The Spanish football team’s kit is beautiful and unique. There are three types of Spanish football team kits:

Spanish Football Home kit.

Spanish football World cup home kits are released. The base color of the home kit is red, representing the color of *Team Power Red.” The other color used in the home kit is navy blue. Three stripes are in navy blue on the shoulder. The trim collar is also navy blue. On the left side of the kit is the official Spain national football team logo. And it is the first time the logo is printed on the left side of the men’s kit. The official sponsor of the Spanish football team is Adidas, and its logo is on the right side of the kit.

Spanish Football Away kit.

The Spanish football team’s away kit is mainly sky blue. There is an abstract graphic design, and there are also three stripes in the color of the Spanish flag. Two stripes are red, and one strip is yellow. The official partner logo of Adidas is placed in the center of the shirt and trimmed on the shirt’s collar, which is royal blue. With this sky blue shirt, the blue shorts and light blue socks complete the attractive kit of the Spanish football team.

These new kits of the Spanish football team were released on August 29, 2022.

Spanish football Goalkeeper Home kit:

The Spanish football goalkeeper’s home kit is in black. There are three white stripes on the shoulder. The official partner Adidas logo is in white on the right side. The Spanish football team logo is in red.

Spanish football Goalkeeper Away kit.

The Spanish football goalkeeper’s away kit is in light blue. There are three stripes on the shoulder. The logo of Adidas is in black.

Spanish football Goalkeeper Third kit.

The Spanish football goalkeeper’s home kit is in yellow. There is a subtle graphic design on the front and the backside, but there are no bespoke elements on the goalkeeper kit.

Spanish football team official logo:

The size of the Spanish football team’s official logo is 512×512. There is one star on the top of the logo in gold color. In addition, there is a crown and the name of the Spanish football club in the logo. The four primary colors in the logo are red, gold, sky blue, and navy blue. The logo of the Spanish football team is beautiful, simple, and unique.

Spain Logo 512×512 URL

Spain Home Kit

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Spain Home Kit

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Spain Logo 512×512 URL

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