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People have a great craze for football teams and want to support their favorite team by wearing the kits while playing games on the ground to enhance their passion and courage. Russia World cup kits are trendy among its fans, who want to buy their favorite team’s kits. There are different types of Russia World cup kits:

Russia Home kits.

The Russia Home kit is red. Then, there were white and blue stripes on the sleeves of the Home kit shirt. Now, these stripes are white. There is a sponsor logo of Adidas, which is an official partner. The logo of Adidas is white. The collars of the Russia Home kit are also in white. The logo of Russia’s world cup football team is on the left side of the kit.

Russia Away kits.

Russia Away kits are mainly white. Two stripes in the middle of the shirt are blue and red. The color of the shirt is red. There are two red stripes on the shoulder and the shirt’s sleeves. The logo of Adidas is in red.

Russia Goalkeeper kits.

The Russia goalkeeper kits are sky blue. In addition, there are white stripes on the shoulder and sleeves of the shirt. The official logo of the football team is on the left side. In addition, there is a logo of the sponsor Adidas on the shirt.

Russia football team logo:

The Russian football team logo is blue, red, white, and gold. The ball is portrayed in the team’s logo, representing the football game. There are two signs of an eagle in the logo with feathers. In addition, there are two golden heads on the logo’s red background. Above their head are three crowns representing the Russian Federation’s sovereignty and its regions.

You can get the kits of your favorite Russian football team.

Russia Logo

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